Sunset mantra

Let happiness heal you, in all the ways it knows how,
a way of becoming that only time will allow,

Observe the pattern of the universe, in the chime of a bell,
in the flutter of a bird’s wings, in the shape of a shell,

Breathe through your lungs, feel the earth like a stone,
drink sacred water to light fire in your bones.

You are not merely flesh, pumped to life with only blood,
you are mountains of memories, carved of chaos, called to love.

Seek not your imperfections, but the beauty you entail,
your secret subtleties that hide the bliss behind the veil.

You are constantly creating the person you become,
A force to be reckoned with, not known to just the young.

To know yourself is to love yourself, the truth that must be written,
to sell your soul, to feel your whole, was not sold to us as fiction.

So continue causing galaxies across the universe,
create positive vibrations with a future you re-word.

You are more than just a moment someone taught you to rehearse,
you contain divine intention that can truly change the world.

Photo c/o Jonathan H. Lee 

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