Learn to let go

I think now’s the time for me to let go,
Plant these new seeds and take care what I sow,
Forget all the things I thought that I knew,
Redefine what I once memorized to be true,
I have loved and I’ve lost, in different amounts,
burned by flames, turned to ashes more than I can count,
turned my heartache to beauty, my tears into songs,
kept the lessons they left me long after they’d gone,
became comfortable with the silence of only myself,
learned to love all my secrets I could tell no one else.
I’ve learned of uncertainty, its power and grace,
that the only way to move forward is to embrace your fate.

I am the sunrise and sunset of every new day,
I do not fear death, by pumping love in my veins,
I want to be loved, the way the sun loves the shadows,
love like the ocean from its depths to its shallows,
My loneliness gives me strength, the same way glaciers make mountains,
I am buried with blessings, more than I can count them,
I will not mourn my losses, as if that’s all I know,
each one gave me strength and a new way to grow,
I will ignite my soul, in all the ways that I know,
& to master this power, I will learn to let go.

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