For a friend



I laid down beneath the rain
while the sun disagreeingly continued to shine
I watched raindrops bounce off the bodies of leaves and tree trunks
like crystals falling from the sky
How easy it is for us to get washed away,
when we’re unable to take shelter from our own storms,
It’s strange how that happens
How fleetingly we can disappear, 
like a storm after its passed
If we’re all just flickers in the explosive fire,
Then you were the single brightest spark in that flame,
bright enough to blind,
with such passion and fathomless humor,
a tenacious energy for life,
and a mischievous smile,
That I will always keep close to my heart
You changed the direction of my life for the better,
taught me how to line the path beneath my feet 
with intention and an unyielding desire for justice
How quickly time has passed since you last graced me with your laugh,
Something I will regret in the days to come,
but I’ll always remember,
the late nights filled with our laughter,
and all the lessons you instilled in me,
about confidence and perseverance,
friendship and what it means,
to always be your biggest and best self
I just wish your last lesson wasn’t teaching me,
what it means to miss a friend who isn’t coing back,
So many will miss you beyond belief,
but true friendships never really leave us,
the same way stars still shine for millions of years long after they’re gone,
your’s will be one of the brightest in my sky,
for the rest of my days.

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