Verbal vomit (a series) 05/2010

Pt. 1

I’m just figuring myself out one day at a time, never said I knew whether or not that was right; see the problem is you judge me but don’t understand the story, just another case of a forgotten allegory; it’s just your imagination when the illusion doesn’t last, you fall in love just as quick and right out just as fast, and now that it’s over guess there is no second chance, written down in the pages of another bad romance; so when I got nothing left here to keep holding me down – guess I’ll just pack my bags and get out of this town.

Pt. 2

And we’re all just broken hearts that are looking to be mended, emotions of the soul that just can’t be comprehended; Type of girl that gives up, but isn’t willing to let go, when holding onto love is the only thing she knows; he’s intangible like smoke, and you just can’t understand, how he slips away elusively like water through your hands; And if this is all I’ll ever have, then why wish for something more, Times have changed and now you’re nothing like how you were before; I’ll just walk away now, knowing I did nothing wrong,

but will you regret your choice once you realize that I’m gone?

Pt. 3

Kick back the clock, before we hit the end, reminisce on the past every now and again; Because we grasp for the words but the syllables scatter, and you lose to the heart when it’s mind over matter; You know I’m living for the moment, but the moment’s out of reach, and you know I always struggle to practice what I preach; I lose myself in the melody, the symphony of life, every beat as it plays, echoes sharply like a knife. I have no excuses for the choices that I’ve made, you may call them mistakes, but it’s the game that I’ve played – so just kick back the clock before we hit the end, and I’ll reminisce on the past every now and again.

Pt. 4

See there’s so much now that you expect me to say, “Are you unhappy that things have turned out this way?” All the things that you taught me, but I forget that I know, so I just keep on walking with no where to go, living each night satiated with smoke, the scent is so strong that it’s making me choke; filling my pockets with things I don’t need, a hearts that’s so empty it won’t even bleed, but I will borrow these words from what’s written before – why get your hopes up if you can’t have anymore; “there exists not the words that could ever express, the explosion of emotions welling inside my chest,” so baby just stick to what you know you do best, we learn our life lessons – this is just another test.

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