Questions of greatness 11/11/2013

Limits, like fear, are often just an illusion,
creation in the chaos and caressing the confusion,
you see,

I don’t know what it means to be the greatest,
kind of fake it til you make it
drink success until you’re faded,
misdirection in the mission only makes you overrated

You see,
I rhyme and reason til the cold falls in the season,
scintillate the senses til you don’t know what you’re seeing,
redefine the lines, align my geometric spine,
vertebrae like diamonds, shine so bright it makes you blind

We live in a time where consumption is the essence,
Forgettance of the presence,
obsessed with obsolescence

Your cream is in your car
and my cream is in my coffee,
GZA always said cash rules everything around me

Do the drugs to be designer, pledge our souls to become liars,
Falsely idolize the titles just to burn up in the fire.

Living in a moment made of mystery components,
The only way to be the greatest is to know that you can own it,

Become the enemy just to drown in negativity,
avoidant of my honesty,

Dissonance is cognitive,
the vibes are only positive,
believe that in the end that the truth is only causative.

A globalizing girl in a globalizing world,
and I romanticize and fantasize my dirt is made of pearls,

They say to fake it til you make it,
inflate the ego til you’re jaded,
Excellence in artistry is best left understated
Passion is the purpose either love it or you hate it
So ask yourself the truth, could you ever be the greatest?

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