Heart attacks

Is that smoke or just the mist of your breath in the air? A moment of silence just to be self-aware. A moment of thought just to stop and be honest, I know you never knew but I was always self-conscious.

You see you got me sitting here, as if I’m going through the motions, swimming in a sea of thought, unstable as an ocean, Nothing left to do, but to analyze the facts, You think that you’re in the love, when it’s just a heart attack. Rush of blood and cold caffeine, addicted to the nicotine, can’t find a balance in-between, the words I always think I mean. You see we’re living fast, and dying young, don’t fuck for love, it’s just for fun. The things I won’t admit I’ve done – as if you’re the only song I’ve sung. But don’t they know, it’s just for show? A back and forth of come and go. A summer sun concealed in snow – rose from concrete, did it grow? We wear our make up, skin elastic, beauty made to shine like plastic. Make your choices, don’t be drastic, didn’t mean to sound sarcastic,

So take a drag,

and take a second,

ask me if it’s worth it?

Would I do it all again, knowing it’s not perfect? I’ll count the steps and not lose track. Take a hit, and pass it back. There is no truth, there’s just the facts,

Is it love

or just a heart attack?

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