Asian women

Ni hao ma,

So then I say,
Go fuck yourself asshole,
Do I look Chinese, Japanese or Korean to you?

Do the
American-­English accented syllables
Coming out of my mouth,
not clue you into the fact that I speak
English motherfucker?

Even though my great grandmother on my dad’s side was Chinese,
and my mom’s mom is a fourth German
I pretty much consider myself Filipino.

But I forget that the
slants of my eyes,
and the petite of my size,
gives you the right to
fetishize me as the
perfect Asian girl
see in the movies
Chinese take­out box costumes on Halloween or
“Me love you long time” lyrics on MTV screens

But see
Do not reduce me to the
color of my skin,
or shape of my eyes,
or the hole between my thighs because,

I am more than your sick, Asian­-girl fantasy that
Playboy magazines and cheap media tropes have
perpetuated since I was born.

See if you were smart, you’d know my culture has more
Spanish influence than Asian,
that if it weren’t for my people America wouldn’t have
won World War II that,
My people are the ones teaching your children,
and curing your sick,
in hospitals and high school home rooms but
You wouldn’t know that would you?

You still think it’s cute to tell me you
have a “thing” for Asian girls,
Like a harmless compliment when really you’re saying you’re
Only interested in me because you’ve bought into some weird fetish
fantasy about subservient quiet girls that
Listen to what their men tell them because it’s part of
our “culture” to be

So fuck you motherfucker because I was born in
The United States of America,
English is my first language and let’s be real
I probably speak it better than you and
even though I really like dim sum I still eat
spaghetti and cheeseburgers all the time.

Asian women are strong but we
are not so simple as to be just

Asian women we are
Vietnamese women
Hmong women
Laos women
Cambodian women,
Japanese women,
Korean women,
Indian women,
Chinese women,
Filipino women,

All women who get
Fucked over for the color of our skin
pale or brown or freckled ­­ but never yellow
For the shape of our eyes
Slanted or almond or round ­­ but never chinky
For being women
skinny or pear­shaped or curvy ­­ not an idealized image from a magazine.

So before you say anything else,
let me just tell you,
Forgive me for being rude,
But I can’t forgive you for being ignorant.

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