20 something 05/08/2014

My life is one huge moment between
taking breaths,
and taking chances,
fated with happenstances
and riddled with lost romances,

but if I read another fucking
Buzzfeed list about,
what not to miss,
or what not to risk
for young 20 somethings
that just can’t resist,
hard partying and loitering
and getting pissed,

I will seriously lose my shit.

Cause see,
who the fuck are you,
to be the one to tell me,
what it’s really like to be

broke and post-grad and 23?

Through my thinly veiled sarcasm and
bold contempt,
at your half-assed writing
and cheap attempts,
or condescension at my
new ascent
into new age ‘adulthood’ like
we’re taking bets

I’m a ticking time bomb of the ‘me’ generation,
We’re all tech obsessed and just lack concentration,
Textbook definition of ‘de-sensitization’
But ‘there’s app for that’ so don’t sweat the new translation

Bitter bratty bitch, just tingling for an itch,
Mad about the things that I don’t know how to fix.

Effortlessly angry, and over compensating,
Constantly complaining when we
don’t know we’re saying,

Cause the paychecks coming in
are too small for how I spend,
Just another lonely hipster,
with too many Facebook friends,
Trying to find some meaning
and worried that in the end,
I’m just another twenty something
who’s living for the weekend.

So drown the insecurities,
alcoholic-drenched impurities,
reading between the lines,
cause this shit ain’t getting through to me.

All I gots a cup of coffee,
and a moment of reflection,
Got a list of regrets growing,
you’d be impressed by my collection,
If you shout me out online,
please don’t forget a mention,
just another 20 something here,
who’s lost with no direction.

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